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   ::: JOHN PAUL MENSAH-AKOM - Resume, Portfolio
Internet Programmer, Web designer, Artist.
   ::: Personal Site
A place where I can link up with you. We can share ideas and links.
   ::: Quabynah Limited
We provide Facility Management and Construction Services. We also undertake Material Sourcing where clients can get quality building materials delivered to them at their request.
I use this site to write about my experience and wht comes on my heart to the benefit of mankind
   ::: Del Malak Roy Knights Group
Now dramatist Delroy Thomas has found a way of using his creative expression of writing stories based on the Bible to the next level of entertainment, as you enter a Sanctuary world of fantasy and biblical truth's of learning entitled Training of a Knight. Following the making of a world of Sanctuary the Spirit of Light and Truth anointed thousands of Angels to preserve pairs of endangered species from earth and myth and legend. They also taught millions of children and young adults who represent their culture as caretaker knights. After generations of peace and harmony the threat of extinction exists, as the darkness of evil invaded the minds of many species on Sanctuary. Now like other caretakers a young human female named Laura is faced with a difficult choice of being trained in the moral values Power Knight or do nothing. Now you can download this e-book and others for your reading pleasure by going to www.MalakKnight.com
   ::: Ernest Mensah-Fio
Personal, Resume and a message Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Pastor, Engineer, Publisher and Author